Welcome to Miller Stoneworks. We are an all natural stone masonry company dedicated to building beautiful and unique stone creations.
Our desire is to build you a distinctive project, whether it be a fireplace, garden wall, or stone pathway. We feel that stonework should look as good from ten inches as it does from 100 feet away, and we put the most intricate detail into every project. We love working with stone, and our highest priority is to create projects that represent what our customer wants. Whatever you can dream, we can create.

Operating in Washington State for the last thirty years, we continually strive to produce unique projects that will add value to our customer’s homes or businesses as well as visual appeal. Whether you are in the beginning stages of planning a home, or have a finished home that needs a touch of stone, contact Miller Stoneworks. We can help design and plan your project at any level of building. We will make a personal visit to your home or business to talk one-on-one about what makes stonework great and why we would love to build your next project. We want to help you explore the full potential of what is possible with stone in the right hands.


  Licensed, Bonded & Insured: MILLESI926C9
Stonework as an Artform
Miller Stoneworks