In the fall of 2008 Miller Stoneworks received a call wondering if we knew how to build Rumford fireplaces. After confirming that we did build Rumford’s, our new client went on to tell us about a house he was building in the Icicle canyon that had a grand fireplace planned for the main living room.  He and his wife had a few ideas of things they wanted incorporated in the fireplace, such as a replication of Snow Creek Wall (which is a visible mountain peak from the living room), and a "spilled look" of stone onto the floor, and from their conversation we created a few drawings to start the design process. After going over different plans with the owners, we then created a clay model of the fireplace as the final design step. After we all agreed on the look and different types of stone we would use, we started construction in the beginning of January 2009. Two months later we had the finished fireplace. The final product is a 17 foot tall Rumford fireplace faced with granite in a dry-stack stone laying technique with a mosaic mountain scene built above the mantel and a spilled stone look onto the floor. To learn more about the Icicle Earth home and to see more construction pictures with Miller Stoneworks, you can visit
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