The History of Miller Stoneworks

Michael Miller started his apprenticeship with master stonemason Wilber Rinehart during the winter of 1977 in Columbus Ohio. Their project was facing the WCVO Christian Radio Center with rock from head to toe. During that time, Michael learned the intricacies of working with stone and mortar. Wilber taught Michael all he knew about how to make superior structures in stone that were both solid and beautiful. He also instilled in Michael a love of working with rock.

After completing the radio station, Michael moved with his wife Kim to Washington to pursue an independent career as a stone mason. His first project was facing a home in Leavenworth with a beautiful native schist stone.

Over the next thirty years, Michael created countless projects throughout Chelan County, working mainly in the Lake Wenatchee and Leavenworth areas. Michael’s main creations were fireplaces, faced in native stones of varying types. He also built a variety of other stone projects including patios, pillars, pathways, planters, and stairways.

At the age of nine, Zachary Miller began working with his father in the summers. While his first day on the job consisted mostly of playing with cement and hammering on block, he soon learned the skills necessary to apprentice with his father. They spent the next fifteen years working together closely, teaching one another and learning together the art of creating beautiful stonework.

Throughout the years Zachary grew an appreciation and love of working with stone, as guided through working with his Dad. Aside from working with his father, he also created some of his own pieces before attending Central Washington University in the fall of 2002. After completing college, Zachary moved back to the Leavenworth area to continue in partnership with his dad as father and son Stonemasons in what has become the newly formed Miller Stoneworks.
The Future of Miller Stoneworks

We strive to maintain our excellence in masonry with classic styles and techniques, while also pushing forward with new and inventive ways of using stone. Our goal is to become the premier stone artists in the northwest and to contribute to our community and state both beautiful work and good business relationships with our clients and partners, and we thank each person we have had the privilege to work and interact with. We have been, and always will be a family centered business, dedicated to sharing with and providing for our family through our work. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with stone for the last 30 years and look forward to the next 30.


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